Need Web Design or Support?

So many people these days are stuck with what to do about a website. The web design decisions people are faced with: learn to build it on their own. Pay thousands of dollars for a company to design it and hope its right, because it cost thousands. Hire your teenager to do it, which then brings up family, timelines, and potential negative “employee” relations. My solution for you? I work hourly at a highly reasonable rate, allowing your site creation to be affordable and to meet your specific needs. Spending hundreds instead of thousands on web design just makes sense.


Web Design Pricing

It’s pretty simple. Pay hourly, not a flat rate and signing an extended contract for month to month bills.

$65 an hour = pay hundreds, not thousands.

Initial start up consultation is free!

The initial site setup fee will include a cost based off an estimated setup time. Other costs would include hosting and domain fees. An average 3 page business card style site can start as low as $300*.


More information on web design is located on this page.

*This cost is for web design only, not hosting and registration. Those usually cost around $150 a year for hosting and $15 per year for domain registration, depending on what service you choose.